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Recycled Aggregates – Making Every Stage Of Your Job Green

Posted on by Emily Mitchell

The uses of aggregates are varied and well known. From construction work through to landscaping and road surfacing, aggregates have a thousand uses, despite being perhaps the least glamourous aspect of a job.

Although aggregates are, quite literally, the foundation and cornerstone of any project, very little consideration goes into their selection compared to materials used in other parts of construction. As long as it’s the correct type of material, it doesn’t matter, right?

Wrong! As with many things today, environmental concerns can impact on product choice. When designing a house few people would say that any old bricks will do, any glass or any tiles, and the same consideration should now be applied to aggregates.

Should You Use Recycled Materials?

At AMA we are delighted to be able to offer our customers a range of recycled aggregates, providing the same great quality and fulfilling all the roles of regular aggregates, but in more environmentally friendly way. Recycled aggregates can come from a wide variety of sources, including waste from building destruction, spare materials from road construction and even ballast from disused railways.

Recycled aggregates, whatever their origin, can provide real value when undertaking specifically environmentally friendly projects. From green eco-houses to modern garden design, the use of recycled aggregates can perfectly compliment the use of any other green materials you choose. Why build an eco-house and go through the effort of sourcing specialist materials but neglect to use responsible aggregates?

Far from only being useful in eco-projects or individual houses, recycled aggregates can be suitable for any job. In an age of environmental responsibility, it is important that businesses and governments are seen to be doing all they can to save the planet, and by supplementing existing plans with these new products any project can be made greener. All of the aggregates that AMA supply, recycled or not, are available loose and in bulk bags, meaning that we can cater for jobs big or small, and match our services to you.

For more information on any of the products and services that AMA Aggregates offers, to discuss your needs with our expert staff and to take advantage of our next day, nationwide delivery, get in touch today. Complete a contact form on our website or call us on 0845 4757 287.

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